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Catch the Sun on the Waves

Explore the innovative world of boating with ESB

Enjoy a peaceful journey with zero noise and zero emissions.

Glide across the waters in our solar-powered electric boats, offering a green and sustainable mode of water travel.

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Set Sail with Solar Power

sunnycat boat
sunnycat solar boat

 Sustainability at Its Core 

Electric solar boats harness the power of electric and solar energy, presenting a greener way to explore the waters. By eliminating emissions and reducing environmental impact, our boats offer a silent journey, harmonizing with the sea and its inhabitants.

 Unmatched Efficiency 

Embarking on a journey with an ESB boat means immediate savings in fuel and maintenance costs, while simultaneously benefiting the ecosystem.

 Reliability You Can Feel 

Quality is at the heart of every ESB boat. Subjected to rigorous production standards and management processes, our boats are designed to be as reliable as they are quiet.

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ocean water with sunshine


The SunnyCat by ESB is a 5,45-meter long, eco-friendly catamaran, designed for luxury and comfort for up to eight passengers.

ocean water with sunshine

Up to

12 km/h


 SunnyCat - Solar Electric Boat 

Up to

14 hours



35 500€



lake and sun

 Catch the Sun on the Waves 


hours of battery life without panels


cost of movement on water


-year warranty on the batteries


silent while running


returns through rental usage.

With Us at the Sea
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 Purely onto the waters 

ESB Solar-powered boats offer a primarily environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered boats.

Our operation relies on renewable energy, the sun, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants.

This makes them an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and positively impact the environment.
Secondly, our solar-powered boats are economically viable in the long run. The free availability of solar energy allows for significant savings in fuel costs. The use of solar-powered boats is practically free, as solar energy is a free and limitless resource.

 SunnyCat: Pioneering the   Waters with Solar Power 

SunnyCat, offered by ESB, is a solar-powered boat that merges ecological sustainability with innovation. Designed as an eco-friendly alternative for water travel, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants.


SunnyCat presents an economical and practical solution by utilizing free and unlimited solar energy. This makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers looking to enjoy waterways in a sustainable manner.

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